How will Root & Rise Work Around my Menstrual Cycle?

For all my ladies out there, I have designed the flows each month to work with your monthly cycle! What! What do you mean???

Well, moving in sync with our body during our cycle helps to nourish us, By working with our bodies rather than against them we can better use our energy.

However, not all of us have a cycle so this is an optional suggestion and way to order the practices. There is a range of movement options for however you feel at any time.

Some of us take birth control, some of us are post-menopause, some of us don't have a regular cycle if at all. If this is the case it's worthwhile mapping out different moods/sensations throughout the month in a journal to see if any patterns emerge.

I use my Fitbit to track my cycle but friends have recommended FLO.

The long and short of it is, during the time we are on our period the body uses more energy. So, it makes sense that we should move in a more gentle way. Even if you don't have a period, you will still have a cycle of energy, hence I suggest mapping this out in a diary. You may find after time you actually increase your energy during your period.

When we take care to move with our bodies rather than against and just keep jamming ourselves into life, we can create a balanced stream of energy over the whole of the month.

So this is what our cycles look like energetically speaking -

Pre Ovulation

Beginning with pre-ovulation, the Spring phase ( first week after our period) Our energy increases and we enter a phase that can be very productive. This is a time to move, get a sweat on, get super productive at work, and do all the big jobs that need doing that month.


During ovulation, our energy peaks and we move into the summer of our cycle. It's all sunshine and rainbows that week and we can keep the momentum rolling from our pre-ovulation phase. Use this time to wrap up big tasks and move the body in new and challenging ways.

Pre Menstruation

The week prior to our period energy starts to ground, think of it like the Autumn of our cycle. It's time to get things in order before we mensurate and start reserving our energy, start to slow it down and go inwards.


The week of our period is the Winter of our cycle. It is a time to take rest, restore and preserve with grounding energy. Many of us really struggle during this time so it is wise to match our movement and activities for how we feel.

So with this in mind, I have designed 4 flows to help you move in sync with your body.

MOVE | Spring Phase - Pre Ovulation - Fast-paced movement to build strength & mobility.

RISE | Summer Phase - Ovulation - Challenging movement to progress your practice.

CENTRE | Autumn Phase - Pre Menstruation - Creative movement to balance and centre.

ROOT | Winter Phase - Menstruation - Gentle Yoga to help ground, reset and restore.

It's a cycle for a reason, as sure enough as winter passes, spring will return.