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An online Yoga community that is about more than what happens on the mat!

Your hormones fluctuate every single month, and every single day you live within a phase in your cycle. Those phases shift regularly and dictate how you feel, meaning, how you felt last week will almost certainly not be how you feel this week, and that happens every single month.

Not only will it dictate how you feel, but also the physical energy you have. Have you ever noticed some weeks you can do 7 days of cardio straight, and then the next you want to curl into a little ball on your mat with blankets and just have a 60-minute Shavasana?

Yeah, that's your hormones! I know, revelation right? It's not that for some reason you are failing, or not doing enough, you just aren't designed to hold a high and consistent stream of energy. We are designed to experience peaks and troughs and enjoy the insight each one brings. So doesn't it make sense that you have a practice that works with your body and these natural fluctuations? I've got you my friend! Root & Rise was designed for this very reason.

🩸 Are you ready to let go of exhaustion, yo-yo emotions and overwhelm?
🩸 Are you fed up with difficult and irregular periods that leave you feeling drained and completely lost in understanding your hormones and cycle?
🩸 Imagine living effortlessly with balanced energy and an internal compass that supports and guides you every day.
I've hear you! Root & Rise will guide you to move and live with your body on a deeper level to find inner harmony and feel more confidence, comfort, and ease within. 
Root & Rise is for you if you are ready to commit to understanding your body and cycle. If you want to make real progress and learn to move your body as part of this understanding of yourself, then this is for you. Online coaching & on-demand Yoga at your fingertips and in the comfort of your own home.
⚡ Delve deeper into understanding your body, cycle and being, and feel empowered by understanding what is happening and why.
⚡ Learn to listen to your body and know what you need to find true confidence.
⚡ Discover how to move your body with ease and explore your cycle through movement.
✨ Each flow is designed to work with your monthly cycle and energy levels if you choose. No cycle? No problem, you can move with the cycle of the moon. Click here to read more

Try it FREE for 14-days and see if it's for you! 

What do you get in the membership?

Every Month You Get

  • 4 x 60min Flows a month - A new one for each cycle/moon phase. A mix of Power Vinyassa, Creative movement and Yin.
  • 1 x Mini Posture Workshop - Looking at more advanced postures in-depth and ways to build strength and mobility to access them.
  • 1 x Meditation & Breathwork - A chance to go inwards, connect and breathe. Looking at different Yogic pranayama (breathing practices)
  • Access to the archive for the duration of your membership.

PLUS Bi-weekly Live Group Cycle Coaching. Live group sessions to look at the cycle more in-depth and set intentions around your cycle goals.

This is worth a total value of £230 per month!! Plus there are more bonus goodies!

Bonus Goodies

✨ A copy of my Cycle Tracker and Cyclical Living guide to get you started with everything you need to know for living with your cycle.

✨ A playlist of music to move with for every practice. Moving with music is a powerful way to really let go and FEEL into your body.

✨ Access to the private Root & Rise Facebook community. All the extra good stuff happens here! Not to mention being part of an awesome community.

A monthly live circle for us to share, hold space and connect with one another.

My vision is to hold a compassionate space for you to develop an achievable, nourishing practice to experience movement with mindfulness and care. Guiding you with authenticity & encouraging you to work with your body and its cycles so that you can experience, grow and enjoy being your best self in the comfort of your own body.

~ Samantha Garstin

Move with your cycle...

I have designed the flows each month to work with your monthly cycle! What! What do you mean???

Well, moving in sync with our body through the cycle phases helps to nourish us by working with our bodies rather than against them. However, not all of us have a cycle so this is an optional suggestion to order the practices in. If you're interested in this, let me explain some about it more here....

Questions I get asked a lot....

Can I cancel the membership?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. After you cancel, your membership will run until the end of the payment period you chose. After it has ended you are free to come back to join another time.

Do I need to have done yoga before?

Before I answer this I just want to say, you do not need to be flexible to do yoga! You just need to start where you are, as you are.

You don't need to have done yoga before to join the membership, by nature of the way I have designed the membership there are some challenging classes and some slower, gentler classes. If you have done any form of exercise class and are used to using your body in a creative way like dance, aerobics, gym class, keep fit, at home work out etc you will feel quite comfortable. If you have never done any movement class ever, it might be a little bit of a learning curve, but definitely something you can learn. Even if you can't touch your toes!

There are lots of workshops to help you find your feet with the more complicated postures and I always give variations and modifications in every class to suit different body and mobility types.

I always encourage everyone to share in the community if I have not given a variation that suits you and then I can give you more tailored modifications so that you can grow your practice.

What do I need to practice?

In an ideal world, a mat, 2 blocks, and a strap. There are so many places you can get mats but here are the links for the Blocks and Strap I use.

What if I don't have a cycle?

No problem, for whatever reason you don't have a cycle or it is irregular you can learn to chart the cycle you do have or cycle with the moon. Lean more about that here.

About Me

Yoga has changed everything for me and it's only in the last 2 years that I have begun to realise how much. I love to move my body and my practice doesn't always look like yoga, somedays it's more like interpretive dance, and somedays I might just breathe. I am driven to find new ways to practice and creative ways to tap into creating functional movement. Bodies that function are sexy! Yup! You heard me. Ain't nothing attractive about lower back agony! I want to be zipping around when I'm 80 and still having adventures and all the stuff I love. We need to nourish the only body we have NOW.

I have been practising Yoga for 8 years, and for the last 5, it has been a daily practice. Yoga has a way of coming into your life at just the right moment and then your hooked! Once it became part of my every day I knew there was no way I would want to ever be without it. If fact, I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with others so that they could also find the magic and wonder of this ancient practice.

It was only natural that I should teach. So the official bit, I am a qualified Vinyasa Teacher and registered with the Yoga Alliance. I trained with some of the best at The Sacred Fig. More than that, I live it. Every day. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.

What does that mean?

It means I live the practice of being connected to my body and being consciously and mindfully, aware of myself and who I am in the world every day. Full disclosure, I struggled with body confidence and eating disorders, it was just the other day I said to a friend, do you know, now at nearly 40, I have never felt so confident in my body as I do right now! Even with wobbly bits and bits that stick out and bits that aren't as toned as they once were, I feel amazing! I know in my heart that is because of the way my mindset has shifted. I constantly work with my body rather than against it, I have developed a deep connection to myself and what I need.

My menstrual cycle has been a key player in shaping how I feel in the world, about 6 months after having my last coil removed I felt the need to explore more feminine energies as I reclaimed my cycle. The ancient wisdom of the menstrual cycle resonated with me deeply and I knew that this was my path. The marriage of Yoga and Cyclical Living has changed my life, I have an internal compass to guide me and a practice to explore every part of my being on and of the mat.

So my friends, are you ready to feel this for yourself? To feel empowered and body confident and to be ready for whatever life throws at you?

What My Students Are Saying....

Are you still unsure?

Head over to my YouTube channel, I have a few flows on there so you can get to know me and my style. If the membership is not for you I get that, no worries my lovely, but keep it in mind. I would love you to join the little community here. It's more than just Yoga, it about each of us building each other up, holding space for each other and help each other rise to be our best selves in a safe space. Anyway, I'll be here if you change your mind. xx